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Outlining your ideas

Bring to class four copies of one page with  (a) a one-paragraph statement of your problem, (b) a plausible
solution / claim (two if you can), and (c) a list / outline of the reasons relevant to the claim. It would be a good idea to follow this form.

1. What's the problem (in the world, in theory)? – 2 sentences

2. Who cares? – 3 refs

3. What have others done about it (and why isn't that enough)? – 2-3 sentences. Be sure to discuss cause of problem. Provide 3 refs.

4. What are you going to do about it (approach)? 2 sentences

5. What are you really going to do about it (operationalization)? 3 sentences

6. 8. Who cares? – 2 sentences describing how people or researchers are negatively affected by it. Provide 3 refs about impact

7. What will you find, what does it mean & who cares? 2-3 sentences. At least 1 reference.

9. Where will you publish this?

Divide into groups of 3. In 5 minute rounds take turns questioning each person. (one person friendly one unfriendly)
Example things to discuss: Does all this fit together? What’s irrelevant? What’s missing? Might this idea help?