Lectures 2010

Each week is listed with lecture title, slides (if available) and date (which links to a page containing the details on the assigned readings and another link to the slides)


    * Course Introduction/ Picking Problems (slides: F10 intro, F10 brainstorming) (Tue 24-Aug)

    * Project Intro and Background (slides: F10) (Thu 26-Aug)

    * About HCI Research (slides: F10) (Tue 31-Aug)

    * Picking a Research ProblemOutlining your ideas (slides: F10) 1 page problem statement due (more info here) (Thur 2-Sep)

    * Writing a good proposal/paper (slides: F09)  (Tue 7-Sep)

    * Faculty Proposal Presentations  (Justine & Carolyn) + discussion (Thu 9-Sep) Fill out argument boxes while they talk

    * TBD (Tue, 14-Sep)

    * Project Proposal Presentations NSH 3305  (Thu, 16-Sep) Individual Written Proposal  Due Today

    * IRB (Slides: F09) (Tue, 21-Sep); Teri Reiche from IRB present

    * CHI Submissions Critique (Thu, 23-Sep)

    * Sep 24th [CHI PAPERS DUE]

    * Proposal problem statement critiques [bring a draft abstract and elevator talk for your group proposal]  (Tue, 28-Sep) 

    * Group Proposal Presentations (Thu, 30-Sep) -- bring your project mentors! Group Written Proposal Due 

    * Literature Surveys (Missy Harvey [slides & etc]) (Tue, 5-Oct) [JEN AT UIST]

    * About Interdisciplinary Research (slides: F08; F09) (Thu, 7-Oct) [JEN MAYBE AT UIST] Topics include how work from different areas is brought together, what's different about publishing in different areas, disciplinary perspectives, etc. Lit Survey References (so far) due

    * Multidisciplinary Project Presentation Kraut & Resnick (tentative) (Tue, 12-Oct) Group Project Lit Survey Due to Partner group

    * Lit Survey critique (Partners: bring your summary (argument box format) + 3 weakness & 3 strengths ) (Thu, 14-Oct)

    * IRB panel, run by Teri Reiche (Tue, 19-Oct) BRING 3 copies of FINAL IRB for review TO CLASS 

    * How to write a paper (slides: F08) (Thu, 21-Oct) 

    * Multidisciplinary Research Student Panel (Tue 26-Oct) [JEN TENTATIVELY AT ASSETS] Graduate Funding Application Essay due

    * The Advisor/Advisee Relationship (Thu, 28-Oct)

    * (Tue, 2-Nov) [ELECTION DAY]

    * One on Ones with groups Thu, 04-Nov)

    *  Plagiarism, authorship, and other ethical issues (slides: F08/09)  (Tue 9-Nov)

    * Career options [with haakon] (Thu, 11-Nov)

    * Time Management (Slides: F09 [next year TRY VERY HARD to put this on a thursday. also requests to put it earlier]) (Tue, 16-Nov) 

    * Mock PC meeting (Thu 18-Nov) -- Assignment

    * Critiques (Tue, 23-Nov)

    * THANKSGIVING (Thu 25-Nov No Class Meeting)

    * What to expect from the student evaluation meeting / Finishup of ethics lecture / Time management revisit (Tue, 30-Nov)

    * Debriefing (Thu, 2-Dec)

    * 12/7 Project Final Presentations (GHC 4101, 1-4pm)  

Consider how to incorporate case studies of work that "doesn't fit" one discipline (e.g. ‘Whereabouts Clock’ Ubicomp 07?)