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Plagiarism, Authorship & more


Review Turabian 7.9

"ACM's plagiarism Policy"


"Determining Authorship"
http://www.apastyle.org/authorship.html (also available here)

Applying ethics to the practice, research, and teaching
of Human Computer Interaction (Mankoff). Presented at the CHI 2006 workshop on Reflective HCI: Articulating a Research Agenda for Critical Practice Montreal, CA, April, 2006.
See attachment (ethics4.pdf)

"Insights on Professional Responsibility" (Chapter 13 of Tomorrow's Professor) NOTE: must be logged into google groups (private file)

Questions to consider

[add in case study from a/s!]
The words below are direct quotes, taken from "Writing Successful Science Proposals" by Andrew J. Friedland and Carol L. Folt
  • You have developed a set of hypotheses to test in a system you know quite well. You present your ideas at an informal department gathering. A colleague brings to your attention a particular paper that describes an appropriate method. What should you do? If you use the method in an eventual proposal design or a published paper, what does you  your colleague expect in the way of recognition?
  • Now, consider a situation in which the methodology needed for conducting a test does not exist or requires a method being developed by a colleague. ... suppose the colleague [makes a suggestion or develops something that you need]. What should you do? If ... you use the method [your colleague] develops, [how should you recognize her]?
  • Finally, consider a situation in which you develop a series of ideas on how to test your hypotheses as a result of a number of late-night and hallway chats held over weeks or months with a particular colleague. What if your colleague's perception of how much help you received differs from yours? In this scenario, a misunderstanding may easily occur. What should you do?

Optional Readings

"Medical Research: Who publishes what?"


Conflict of Interest (Wikipedia)

Possible Additonal Readings

White, Ronald F. (2007). Institutional Review Board Mission Creep: The Common Rule, Social Science, and the Nanny State, The Independent Review 11(4), pp. 547-564.

Definitions of Plagiarism

Slide deck related to research ethics from Dave Touretzky


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