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Dabbish & Mankoff on StepGreen

Abrahamse, W., Steg, L., Vlek, C., & Rothengatter, T.
(2005). A review of intervention studies aimed at
household energy conservation. J. of Environmental
Pysch, 25:273-291.

Submitted CHI paper on StepGreen (not for distribution)

Alternates to Abrahamse

Review of influences on recycling from '95:
Schultz, P.W., Oskamp, S., & Mainieri, T. (1995). Who recycles and when? A review of personal and situational factors. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 15(2): pp. 105-121.

Social comparison processes - short 5 pg review of psych literature before 2002:
Suls, J., Marin, R., & Wheeler, L. (2002). Social comparison: Why, with whom, and with what effect? Current Directions in Psychological Science, 11(5): pp. 159-163.

Slides: Mankoff, Dabbish