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Mock PC

This page has your instructions for the Mock PC assignment.
  • FIRST read the ethical guidelines for reviewers
  • Look at the the papers listed below (they can all be found in dropbox). Put your name next to one paper as "primary" and one as "secondary. Each paper should have two reviewers. 
  • Read the following documents before doing ANYTHING ELSE. Also read the rest of this assignment.
  • Assign three reviewers by 11/21 These are HYPOTHETICAL reviewers -- you will not actually contact them for this assignment. For instructions on how to pick the RIGHT reviewers, see "Instructions for Reviewers". You will come to class with this list in hand. 
  • Complete two reviews by 11/19 using the Review form found in the Mock PC dropbox. Put your reviews in the Mock PC dropbox with title [your last name]_[paper number].doc
  • Complete one meta review on your "primary" paper by 11/21. This can be a single paragraph addendum to your primary review, and should summarize the opinions of all reviewers.