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Find and Summarize HCII Articles

You represent a diverse group with many different interests in and approaches to HCI.  This first assignment has four goals: to help inspire your research interests; to get you familiar with potential advisors; to give each other broad exposure to the interesting and diverse types of research in HCI; and to start to understand what good research looks like. To do so, please:

    1) Find two (2) articles you find interesting or inspiring written by two (2) different HCII faculty.
    2) Be prepared to present one of them and have a discussion about it during class. We will have 5 minutes for each presentation and a few minutes for discussion for each student. The presentation should explicitly answer the following questions: 
    1. What is the problem? Why is it hard? Why is it important? Use absolutely no jargon. 
    2. How was it done before the authors’ approach? 
    3. What is new about the authors’ approach? 
    4. In a nutshell, what did the authors do 
    5. In a nutshell, what did the authors find? (include figures/images where relevant) 
    6. What impact or implications do the results have?